November 22nd 2012

Welcome    BEV / ICA   
Introduction to SOMAP2012    Symposium Director   

Keynote 1:    OGC Europe – Athina Trakas   

SLOT1 – Service-Oriented Map Production   
Distributed Competences and Focused Ressources - Considerations on the impact of SDI for map production,    Eva-Maria Unger
Creating thematic maps online using PHP, KML and Google Earth, an example of visualizing selected indicators for the Slovak republic, Vladimir Bacik
A Service-Oriented Platform for Interactive 3D Web Mapping, Jan Klimke
A Pragmatic Approach to the Production of a European Reference Map, Anja Hopfstock
Service-Oriented Architecture of Intelligent GIS, Vasily Vasilivich Popovich
The European Union INSPIRE geoportal, Jean Dusart

Keynote 2:    ESRI – Paul Geoffrey Hardy
SLOT 2 – General Aspects   
Crime maps as examples of service-oriented maps, Peter Schmitz
Service-Oriented Architecture as a Tool for Map Synthesis, Vit Vozenilek
The effectiveness of Web-delivered mapping products, William Cartwright
Digital preservation audit on spatial data: a practical experience, Miquel Termens
Integrating map services for the living environment, Jandirk Bulens

SLOT 3 – Service-Oriented Atlases   
The Dutch National Atlas in a Service-Oriented Architecture, Barend Köbben
The statistical atlas of switzerland and ist atlas content management system behind, Thomas Schulz
ÖROK Atlas online, Alexander Pucher





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