November 23rd 2012

Keynote 3:    Eurogeographics – Antti Juhani Jakobsson
SLOT4 – Use Cases of Service-Oriented Map Production   
Combining Web Map Services and Opinion Mining to generate Sentiment Maps of Touristic Locations, Sarah Tauscher
Mapping of Drug related statistics with open source GIS, Odil Kurbanov – Creating a Harmonised Web Basemap for Austria, Manuela Schmidt
EuroRegionalMap – A joint production effort in creating a European Topographic Reference Dataset, Anja Hopfstock
IT-supported creation of an atlas made out of seamless data, Bernhard Engelbrecht
Ad hoc mapping of enterprise data – an industry requirement, Stefan Weihs

SLOT5 – Geobusiness   
Swiss Map online and the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure of Switzerland, Reto Künzler
Non-technological Aspects of Service-Oriented Map Production, Alena Vondrakova
GeoDebate as a tool for the participatory planning of the nature conservation in Karkonosze National Park in Poland and the Krkonošský národní park in Czech Republic, Monika Rusztecka
eBusiness for GeoServices - Electronic Licensing and Procurement, Rüdiger Gartmann
Towards a historical GIS platform in Poland, Izabela Golebiowska

Keynote 4:    ICG/Augmented Reality – Alessandro Mulloni

SLOT6 – Advanced Functionality   
Automated Image-Based Label Placement in Interactive 2D/2.5D/3D Maps, Christine Lehmann
Derivation and Visual Exploration of 4-D Building Deformation from High-resolution SAR Data, Linfang Ding
Towards Comprehensible Digital 3D Maps, Sebastian Pasewaldt
Spatio-temporal Visualization of Simulation Results using a task-oriented tile-based Design-Metaphor, Johannes Scholz
GeoCMS HotSpot – Standardized Collection and Processing of Environmental Data via the Web, Christian Aden
Approaching a Software Framework for Cartographic Visualization, Sebastian Specht

SLOT7 – Map Services and Performance   
EOxServer – Accessing Online Large Archives of Earth Observartion Data, Joachim Ungar
Web Map Service Performance Testing based on Extents Generated Randomly or by Algorithm Simulating General User Behaviour, Jan Ruzicka
Location-aware Visualization of Mobile Map, Yan Chaode