The book SOMAP2012

Service-Oriented Mapping 2012

Markus Jobst (Ed.), Jobstmedia Management Verlag, Wien,
ISBN-13: 978-3-9502039-2-9

Proceedings of the Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping 2012, Vienna,
including a Cookbook on Webmapping and Geo Web Services.

The book consists of seven sections with several chapters. 37 chapters all together, which highlight the current situation and experiences of service-oriented mapping. An additional hands-on workshop section with 12 lectures introduces the reader to webmapping and geo web services. 

The sections are “Introduction to Service-Oriented Mapping”, the “Diversity of Service-Oriented Map Production”, “Selected Use Cases”, “Advanced Perspectives of Service-Oriented Mapping”, “Geobusiness Considerations and Perspectives”, “Service-Oriented Atlas Applications” and the “Cookbook on Webmapping and Geo Web Services”.

The book can be ordered here.

Book Cover SOMAP 2012