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Preliminary Programme

Monday November 24th 2014

09:00     Welcome "Modern Cartography and its challenges"  
10:30     Introduction to Open Source Geo-webservices and Webmapping
11:30     A simple map client in a web page - using Leaflet in a Leaflet website
12:30     Lunch break    
13:30    Creating data in a desktop GIS - using QGIS
14:30    Using the world of services in QGIS
15:30     Serving data as a Web Map Service – using Geoserver

Tuesday November 25th 2014

09:00     Serving data as a Web Map Services – using SLD and cartographic coding in Geoserver.
10:00    WMS in a webmap client:  Geoserver WMS in Leaflet/OpenLayers and combined with OpenStreetMap
11:00    The basics of spatial data infrastructure. Learning the principles of a geoportal.
12:00     Lunch break
13:00     Embedding and publishing data and services in/with the geoportal software geonetwork.
15:00     Learning the relevance of standards in SDI (e.g. INSPIRE).
18:00    Joint dinner (on your own cost)

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