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Based on several requests, we offer a sponsorship for SOMAP2014. The sponsorship model is split to several modules, which can be freely combined.

  • Module 1: logo as supporter on the webpage, in program flyers and on the presentation screen as well as offering of flyers on the presentation tables.
  • Module 2: company banners and an exhibition area.

From the list of participants in SOMAP2012 (more than 140 people) and more than 49 international speakers, we see that a respectable group of people will come together. The list of participants and authors covers international scientists, members from different UN organisations (UNOOSA, UNODC UN WFP, ...), national mapping- and statistic agencies and international companies. All of them are very interested in the use and development of service-oriented mapping.

Please contact the organizers via the webform or office(a) for further information.

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