The symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping aims to be a multidisciplinary event, spanning from computer science to geobusiness. 

The aim is to bring together various stakeholders in the area of Service-Oriented mapping (data producers, mapping agencies and companies, infrastructure providers, software developers, cartographers, artists, ...) in order to discuss the influence of this new production environment (the networked spatial infrastructure and its service-oriented distribution) on the map production and the perspectives of the new paradigm for research and development in cartography.

A non exclusive list of the main keywords/phrases is:

  • modern map production methods
  • service-oriented use cases
  • impact of service-oriented architectures for mapping and geobusiness
  • innovative map applications
  • embedding innovation and design
  • geobusiness models and map dissemination
  • (service-oriented) crowd sourcing
  • dynamics and influences of crowd sourcing
  • IT architectures and quality of services for service-oriented maps
  • joining distributed sources (legal, organisational, technical, ...) for map production
  • licences, cooperations and prices
  • long-term management of (map) production flows
  • production cycles
  • pragmatic requirements for service-oriented mapping
  • preservation of service-oriented maps
  • process- and change management
  • projections in service-oriented mapping
  • rights management
  • security aspects and protection of critical SDI
  • smart maps
  • use and user issues in service oriented mapping
  • user-centred design of service-oriented mapping solutions
  • user location centered mapping
  • user location preference mapping
  • advertizing and advertizing free based services
  • browser based service oriented mapping
  • app based service oriented mapping
  • open source technologies in service oriented mapping
  • integrating authorative and crowd sourced data in service oriented mapping
  • ...



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